Derick Watts &
The Sunday Blues

(feat. Jack Parow & The Kiffness)


It's payday, my life has never been better
I'm gonna celebrate in style and buy a jar of Nutella
Damn, check those figures - not a care in the world
I wouldn't usually buy two-ply, but stuff it - what the hell!

When I get my paycheck, it's like my life's begun
When you have no paycheck it's like you're having no fun
Yesterday I was sitting thinking about what tomorrow brings
Wondering when I be receivin' my monthly bling-bling

But look at me now! Full o' pride, fillin' up my ride
I might even tip, but nothing more than a five
Rack of ribs for breakfast, rack of ribs for brunch
Have a quick power nap, then rack of ribs for lunch!

We got money in the bank, we can produce this track
We can take all the time in the world to record the perfect hand-clap
We can spice up this song with some vocal effects
and add some autotune to get it stuck in your head

Payday, everything will be okay
Gonna live it up & spend my money,
gonna live it up large & spend all of my money!
Mmmm…don't you think you should save a little for a rainy day?
What you talkin' 'bout bitch?
It's the middle of summer, there's no rain!

A round of beers for my friends, it's all good 'cos I'm payin'
Then he takes my bank card and asks me "cheque or savings?"
Put that down for "cheque" fool, I got paid yesterday
Then he asks me for my PIN, I punch it in & I wait
Uh, it says "transaction declined due to insufficient funds"

Then I leave the bar swiftly without being detected
Check my statements in an alley & suddenly I remember
all the monthly payments that come off my account
Unnecessarily adding up to ungodly amounts

Took out a contract at the gym, January 2010
New Year's resolution was to host on Top Billing
But I haven't been back, except one time in July
when I ran out of cap & used their free wifi

Cellphone, rent, subscription to FHM
Not to mention the deposit that we paid a guest artist
to arrive & rap on this track in the parking at McDonald's
Uh...Jack Parow!
I just bought my girlfriend some golden front teeth and a signed copy of The Pelican Brief

Woah, hold it there Jack
You see, we've run out of funds & we're paying you per word
So I'm afraid your introduction is actually all we can afford
Ya…sorry about that. Here's your money.
Fokken cheapskates!
Alright, settle down! Take your money!

Day after payday & you're already broke
What you still doing singing on this track?
We can't even pay you, we got no money in the bank!
Oooh, should've listened to my warning in the first chorus
What the eff man, you spoke about a rainy day
Honestly, how the hell is that a warning?
It's a metaphor! Why don't you look it up?
I don't have time to learn stuff, I'm just trying to survive
I can't even afford a dictionary
Mmmhmmm…get used to eating noodles instead of ribs for lunch
That's fine - I actually like noodles!
…can I borrow some mooney for noodles?

Weeks gone by, trying to survive
Tomato sauce on bread, clothing pegs as french fries
The peasant burger, barely keeping me alive
I'm barely alive!

Electricity & water have both been cut
I'm starting to smell a little like Jabba the Hutt
We've learned our lesson, we'll never make this mistake again
Then I get a text message…IT'S PAYDAY AGAIN!

Motherfucking ribs!
Nutella on ribs!
It tastes so good, it tastes so good, mmm mmm mmm!
Ribs on ribs!
Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
Rack 'em up, stack 'em up
Is it legal for a man to marry a plate of ribs?

©2014 Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues (via CC)

Produced by David Scott & DW&TSB
Recorded at The Kiffness Studios, Cape Town, South Africa
Engineered, mixed & mastered by David Scott
Addition vocal recording by Matthew Davison at Big House
Lyrics by Nic Smal - Nic Smal Music (SAMRO)
Additional vocals by Stacey Rossouw, Jack Parow & David Scott